Purple Wellies

One woman's musings of plant lust for intoxicating blooms

How Rare is Too Rare?

As a child I used to continually dream about being in the jungle, searching the undergrowth for something elusive. I've done a fair bit of travelling in my time to some pretty exotic places, but I’m not the type to go camping or backpacking.

Exceptional Evergreens

It is always at this time of year, when the trees have lost most of their leaves, that you can truly see the structure of the garden that forms the rigid skeleton the rest of the garden is supported on.

A Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet

About a year ago, I came across a rose with the promise of large, crimson single flowers with an exceptionally long flowering period - late spring through to the first frosts.

Bully for bulleyana

With milder winters, Salvias have perhaps become more popular in the last few years. One Salvia that should be on every collectors list is S. bulleyana, a true connoisseurs plant. There is some confusion over the naming of this, so you might find it listed under S. flava megalantha. It also grows by a trade name of ‘Blue Lips’.

Sublime and divine….

A fantastic hardy member of the ginger family, this group of tuberous perennials with their orchid resembling flowers appear between May and August and some varieties , when a sizable clump, can carry on flowering for up to eight weeks.