Family Vegetable Garden

Grow It and Eat It

A vegetable garden designed for a professional couple with two young children who are keen gardeners. The couple wanted to get the children involved in gardening and be in-touch with nature whilst having an understanding of where food comes from without being too much hard work.
The site was gently sloping and has been levelled across the plot in order to accommodate a greenhouse to grow tender plants. Overhanging trees have been pruned back. Shallow steps were created to allow for the drop in level. A seating area is provided in partial shade and is surrounded by evergreen and scented plants to add interest over the winter months and to help shelter the garden. Raised planters were created in order to grow a small range of fruit and vegetables and allow for easy access by the children.

Partially trained espalier apple trees were planted to add structure and maturity. Varieties were selected for easy to grow capabilities, along with choosing fruit that is usually more expensive to buy in the supermarkets. Pineberries, Framberries and Cucamelon were also favoured by their complete absence in food shops.