Flower Arrangers Garden

Woodham, Surrey

This was a mature garden, on a triangular shaped plot, which required a bit of modernisation through an update, but on a very limited budget. This garden comprised mainly of evergreen foliage plants, with many flowering in the spring. My client was a flower arranger and used the garden for growing subjects for arrangements. Although south west facing, the garden was predominantly green throughout the summer with many similar leaf shapes, so some additional injections of colour and contrast were needed, which was added through foliage as well as flower.
It was important to not rush into removing too much from this garden and trying to uncover what may not have been apparent on first sight. There were some worthy perennials that had been swamped by large shrubs at the back of the border, which just needed a little bit of tender loving care and bringing to the forefront, where they would in time put on a better display than their current location.

The triangular shaped plot is always a tricky one to work with as the two longer boundaries tend to funnel your vision to the far, narrow corner. In order to work around this dilemma I blocked the view of the end point with taller planting and created a circular archway that led through to a framed view half way along one of the longer boundaries before leading into a utility area.

The central bed had been created and planted with 3 conifers before my client had lived in the property, and in time had become too large for the space they were in therefore screening the garden a little too much. They also dated the garden in the way they were used. The original plan was to replace this with a small tree – Cercis Canadensis ‘Forest Pansy', to create a central focal point without too much screening. On removal of the three conifers it was apparent that the original planting bed had been created in order to conceal the stump of a considerably large oak tree. With the budget already restricted, it was not feasible to uncover and then remove this, so the design was then re-planned to accommodate a free draining gravel raised bed.

A garden should never be a finished entity, and as they start to reach maturity should always be reassessed to evaluate what is working and what is not. Mature, leggy shrubs can offer opportunities to under plant with more shade loving specimens, or some can be rejuvenated by cutting back hard whilst others could be clipped into more formal shapes. By re-evaluating a garden it can bring it up to the present day and make it work for you in your current situation without having to go through the expense or turmoil of a complete overhaul.
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