Modern Family Garden

Designed for all the family

My clients, a couple with a toddler, had commissioned an architect to draw up plans for a sizeable modern extension to their 1930s house. Painted Fern was brought into the process after the planning application was approved to create a concept design for both front and back gardens that would work in harmony with the new extension when completed. With large windows and bi-fold doors across the back of the new extension the garden was going to be in full view throughout the year. A reasonable amount of storage was required in the garden, but with the option that this space may also be used as a home office or play space for their child.

The rear garden was of a North Easterly aspect and in the centre of the garden sat a large Acer tree which along with neighbouring trees cast much shade throughout the garden. The clients were keen to have the tree removed, but as the tree had been given a tree preservation order when the extension plans were submitted, we were unsure if this would be granted. Two initial designs were developed, one with the tree retained and one with the tree removed. Both designs feature a level change to sit over the top of protruding tree roots and both layouts offer a path that can be circuited by scooters and ride-on toys that young children love.
The planting in the current garden, although mature, has sparseness at ground level and a colour palette which did not match my clients tastes. Other areas of existing planting would be impacted upon by the new extension. Planting areas were reduced in size in order to maintain the garden more easily. The planting needed to blend into the woodland landscape beyond at the back of the garden. An area for growing fruit and vegetables together as a family was created. A swing that could be adapted,  small play area and wildlife area were also integrated into the design.
Two designs were developed, one with and one without the protected tree