Modern Layered Planting

Stunning, long season planting

Painted Fern was delighted to be asked to redesign a generous sized border which had previously been used to grow annuals and some vegetables in this plot. The planting needed to integrate into the existing garden complementing and wherever possibly utilising some of the existing plants within the garden. Facing south east the border had a sunny aspect on the right hand end, but had light shade cast from a hawthorn tree on the left hand side. The planting also needed to link into woodland style planting on the far left side of the border.

In order to unite the planting through the border in quite different conditions, key linking colours, versatile plants tolerant of different situations and plants with similar appearances, but tolerant of specific situations were used to give a cohesive and modern look. The planting palette is layered to prolong the season of interest from early flowering bulbs, capitalising on a crescendo of summer planting, which leads into more muted decorative seed heads and berries all anchored by evergreen shrubs. Garrya eliptica ‘James Roof’ has been added to help balance the height of the border throughout, whilst offering its stunning tassel flowers when most needed in the winter.
Many of the plants used are magnets for bees and butterflies and are a mix of everyday favourites such as Geranium ‘Rozanne’, teamed with more unusual varieties like Baptisia and Mathiasella and choice bulbs. Grasses have been added to create movement and sound through the border, which when combined with the other planting work together to offer interest throughout the year.
The planting palette is layered prolonging the season of interest