Naturalistic Planting Scheme

Natural Drift Planting

A small naturalistic planting scheme measuring 6 metres wide by 2 metres deep was designed for a sunny and open site with free draining soil. It was decided the new border would be sited in front of an existing mature yew hedge in order to give structure to the border through the winter months.
My clients were fans of the prairie-style created by Piet Oudolf and wanted a naturalistic style that would offer interest over a long season. A mixture of herbaceous plants and grasses were chosen, many of which have a persistence into winter with decorative seedheads. Spring and summer flowering bulbs alongside add additional seasonal colour. Additional structure is in the form of Ilex crenata clipped into domes and a number of evergreen grasses. A colour scheme of soft-hue tones was opted for to complement the interior of the house.

Tried and tested plants such as Hylotelephium 'Matrona' offer contrasting flower forms to more underused subjects such as Eryngium ebracteatum v. poterioides.