Office Courtyard Garden

Richmond upon Thames

A medium sized digital marketing agency located in the heart of Richmond upon Thames. The agency currently has a neglected and unloved large courtyard area set between their early mid 19th century, grade II listed building with a two-storey Italianate villa with campanile and a two-storey modern brick extension connecting with a range of shops facing the road. The courtyard space is currently used for regular company gatherings and barbeques. My client was undertaking a complete over hall of the internal office space within the building and was looking to modernise and improve the existing outside area to make it into a space worthy of entertaining its global clients and create an outside work area that would inspire the staff in their creative thinking whilst on a fairly limited budget for the scale of the garden.
The methodology behind the design for this garden is based on ‘connections’, something the client is keen to press upon their clients. This is seen through the circular archway that runs diagonally through the L shaped courtyard interconnecting the two spaces. This has two inbuilt seating areas that wrap around the outside of a central circular deck. The two other decks that flow off from this central area are stepped down to accommodate the difference in levels on the site. The existing site was problematic in the fact it had a large depth of gravel spread across most of the site and would have been too costly to remove, so a floating deck system was created to get over this problem. Planting pockets were to be created by bringing in topsoil.

Additional, stackable furniture in a simplistic style was suggested to accommodate larger numbers of people and lighting was also added for office parties in the evening. The planting relies heavily on evergreens and shrubs that maintain a good winter framework in order to retain structure all year round. This also needed to be low in maintenance. Strong contrasting foliage complements the flowers, fruit and bulbs that appear throughout the seasons, whilst scented plants are placed near the permanent seating areas.

Moodboard with suggestions of plant choices and furnitureExisting courtyard areaExisting courtyard area with listed building facadeExisting courtyard area with current seating arrangementsExisting courtyard area and barbeque