The Art Garden

Contemporary Style

Adding art to a garden is a process that can create panache and effervescence bringing the space to a whole new level. Selecting the size of art in the garden is one of the most challenging, but important aspects. Too small and the impact is lost among the foliage, too large and the planting surrounding it gets dwarfed and will no longer frame the subject. The larger the garden, then the bigger the sculpture needs to be.
My client was looking for a number of sculptures that would integrate well into a garden setting, have a modern feel yet epitomize traditional craftsmanship, without costing the earth.

Art can be such a personal choice, that once chosen it can then be difficult to best place it in the garden to show it off to best effect. Gardens change throughout the seasons and light and weather can both add to the appeal. It is important to weigh up budget against longjevity as subjects created from timber or willow will not stand the test of time, but will be invariably cheaper.
The metal sphere mimics and balances the rounded planter. The sphere can be moved so as not to cause damage to the grassMetal orbFlower sculpture set amongst evergreen plantingAiry sculpture set against bold foliageSculpture garden lit at nightLight at night casting interesting shadows