Sloping Garden

Challenging on Multiple Levels

A family with two older children had lived with their garden for a number of years and due to the complexities of the plot were unsure how to get the best use from the space. They wanted to create a second entertaining space that in future years could work for their two growing children, but equally wanted a garden that offered a clean and modern style and would require low maintenance. The plot was particularly challenging having a shallow depth, narrow side return, sloping across the width of the plot by a considerable drop and being triangular in shape.
The aim of the design was first to mask the shape of the garden and give a greater sense of depth to the main area and a wider feel to the side return. This was created by delineating lines in the opposite way to the plot to deceive the eye. An existing magnolia tree was retained in the design and highlighted as a feature by building it in to two planting beds that anchor a new deck area in place. The deck is level with the lawn at the front and rises above the sloping ground at the rear in order to make more of the garden useable without costly moving of soil. A number of feature panels have been added to break up the large expanse of hedge that encompasses the garden and along with the planting give a sense of enclosure. Three columnar trees are featured to break the continued line of the hedge whilst adding some additional screening from neighbouring properties. This creates a flowing line for the eye to follow.
Existing garden with three levels across a sloping shallow plot