Mini Terraniums

Mini terraniums housing delicate foliage

We've created these jolly mini terraniums in jam jars which will brighten any shady windowsill, or could be slightly upscaled in a Kilner jar or cafatiere. They could even be suspended with wire to hang from a Velux window or roof lantern. An odd number of jars is sure to look better than one.

You will need:

A selection of jam jars or other glass vessels
Paint suitable for metal
Multi-purpose or house plant compost
Young plants such as ferns or spike mosses
Plant mister
Decorative items to adorn lid (optional)

  1. Thoroughly clean your jam jars
  2. Gently sand your jam jar lids to abrade the surface and then decorate with several coats of a bright colour paint suitable for metal, leaving to dry between coats
  3. Make a small hole in the centre of the lid with a bradawl
  4. Add a small depth of compost to the jam jar
  5. Place your plant (here we have used Selaginella moellendorffii) into the compost, topping up with additional compost and firming gently around the roots with a spoon
  6. Top dress the compost with decorative gravel and add any decorative touches such as shells
  7. Thoroughly mist your plants so the compost becomes damp, but not saturated, and there is moisture on the leaves
  8. Replace lid on jam jar
  9. Decorative items such as small toys or shells could be glued to the lid if required
  10. Plants will initial need misting every few days, but then can be spritzed every one to two weeks. These plants prefer shade so do not place on a south facing windowsill