Garden Consultancy Service

If you just need advice...

You may not require a full garden design service, but perhaps just need some advice or steering in the right direction in order to develop your garden yourselves. Painted Fern offer a garden consultancy service which may be a one-off session or a number of short sessions dependent on your requirements. There are many reasons why you may require Garden Consultancy and we have listed a few of these below.

"Green fingers are the extension of a verdant heart"

Russell Page, the most famous garden designer that no one has heard of

"Life begins the day you start a garden"

Chinese Proverb

Working with shady areas including dry shade
Many people find this a difficult area to cope with and often don’t know what to plant, when in fact shady areas can offer diverse planting opportunities.

Maximising potential in the For Sale / To Let Market
Having a well-designed or planned garden can add value to your home and prove effective in attracting potential buyers and selling the property. Low maintenance gardens appeal to the rental market.

Assessment of existing planting
It may be you have newly acquired a garden along with a house purchase and are unsure of how to look after or maintain your acquisition. You may need suggestions for increasing additional seasonality, structure or suitability for your level of maintenance regime. Assessing if what you have suits the amount of time you have available for caring for your garden or your situation. A maintenance schedule for the existing planting could be created so you know how to care for your garden.

Adapting an existing garden
Our lives are busy and complex and are gardens should adapt accordingly: for children, pets or senior living. Knowing which plants are toxic for pets or humans. Adding in tactile plants for young children. Integrating childrens play equipment so it blends in. Making ponds and water features child safe. Making a garden more low maintenance or adding raised beds for ease of access.

Modernising a garden
Just like interiors, gardens can be beautiful, yet will still date over time. Conifers and crazy paving are evocative of an era gone by. Sometimes an update of planting integrated into refining the existing subjects or adding an adhoc garden project is all that is needed to bring a fresh approach.

Specific criteria
You might have a particular issue you need help with such as screening neighbouring buildings or overlooking windows, reducing road noise, encouraging wildlife or adding a veg garden. It might be specific pruning requirements, or perhaps you are just looking for something to set your garden apart from the rest.

Plant sourcing
If you are trying to get hold of a particular variety or size of a plant then we might be able to help. We are always on the lookout for new or different plants, so if you are struggling to track something done then get in touch.