About Painted Fern

Welcome to Painted Fern Garden Design. We are a garden design company based in Woking, Surrey. We offer a postal garden design service throughout the UK, which means you get a beautifully designed garden whatever your budget, whilst saving you money and enabling you to spend more on the hard landscaping and planting.Time is focused on design of the garden rather than lengthy travelling back and forth for consultations (ideal for clients who don’t have much time), saving you money and enabling you to spend more on the hard landscaping and planting. Many people find it completely daunting to begin the redesign of their garden. We will take on the hurdle of those initial ideas and get your design off the ground.

Working closely with you as a client, we can design anything from a border makeover to a full garden design plan and also provide planting plans and maintenance schedules if required. By completing a site survey and client requirements form and sending back to us along with detailed measurements and photos of the garden we can create anything from traditional to contemporary, urban or rural, we can design beautiful and practical gardens to suit your taste, lifestyle, requirements and budget and whilst adding value to your home. Gardens constantly change from day to day and as they mature over the years. Taking advice from the start saves costly mistakes and missed opportunities later on.

It is possible for everyone to have a beautiful garden and Painted Fern can help you achieve this dream. In the words of Audrey Hepburn: "To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."

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