Purple Wellies

One woman's musings of plant lust for intoxicating blooms

Floral Horsell

This year the Horsell Second Thursday Club are encouraging everyone in the village to brighten up their front gardens with colourful plants, whether they be big or small spaces, so let’s give passers-by something to slow them in their tracks as they walk past. There are no hard and fast rules, but the aim is to try to encourage as many people as possible to grow some ‘colour’ in their front garden. The last year has been a real rollercoaster ride for us all and ‘Floral Horsell’ will give us the opportunity to all get gardening together as a community to make Horsell front gardens a rainbow of colour.

Spring Wonders

Spring hails the start of the gardening year for many, with warmer temperatures and some rays of sunshine peeping through. The spring woodlanders are pushing up through the soil and starting their short-lived flowering season before the tree canopies unfurl. For many, classics such as daffodils, tulips and the ephemeral cherry blossom will grace us with their presence now, but there are some more unusual candidates which are so often overlooked, yet make perfectly good garden plants.

Winter Containers

If you’re looking to create some garden containers to lift the spirits this winter, and I’m sure there are a lot of us that need a pick me up as the days darken, then don’t just stick to the traditional pansies in a six-pack you find in every garden centre. Be a little bit adventurous with your choice of plant.

The Butterfly and Moth Garden

The beating of a butterfly’s wings, it brings a smile to the face and suggests that perhaps all is right in the world. Quite possibly, as their presence is a key indicator of a healthy ecosystem. What about their shadier cousins, the moths? With over 2,500 species in the UK they far outnumber the butterfly’s, and have just as important a role to play. Just a handful have given these, often less colourful species, a bad reputation by nibbling holes in your favourite cardigan or frantically flapping their wings around the light fitting when it manages to find its way in through the only open window. Both act as plant pollinators...

Gardens and green spaces

Gardens and green spaces have become ever more important in the last few weeks and will continue to do so in the immediate future. We have always had an intrinsic connection with nature, whether we realised it or not, but it is only more recently we have put a name to it. Biophilia, the desire to surround ourselves with plants and nature for positive effects on our mental wellbeing, is something we have built up over millennia.