Purple Wellies

One woman's musings of plant lust for intoxicating blooms

Designing an outdoor living space

As the first warm day in spring hits, our attentions turn back to our gardens, often not set foot in over the winter. Minds start focusing on creating an entertaining space – whiling away summer evenings with friends and family, but what’s the best way to create an outdoor living space?

Preparing the garden for winter

With last winter being the coldest we’ve had for many years and lots of us sadly loosing plants in the week-long freeze we experienced, how can we put our gardens in a better position this year should we have another harsh winter?

The perception of colour

The perception of colour in the garden can vary dependent on the time of day or season. Factors such as age can also have a bearing. Tastes in colour may change as we get older and many people over 70 may experience colour vision abnormalities. It’s very subjective. A flower may appear to us as one colour, but because our eyes can’t detect ultraviolet light, they may look very different to pollinators and wildlife. So, what are the best colours to include in your planting to encourage wildlife into the garden?