Cottage Style Front Garden and Driveway

Pretty and romantic planting

Design and build constraints:

  • Dense planting required to exclude weed growth

  • Planting to work with existing tree and hedge roots and competion

  • Planting at different heights without screening view from window


My clients were looking for a cottage garden feel to their front garden and driveway borders without it being difficult to maintain. Plants were selected for their feminine and romantic appearance, but with plenty of interest throughout the year. The existing front garden border was laid to lawn, but did have a feature Magnolia tree which the planting was designed around. An unsightly manhole cover in the border meant accessibility needed to be retained so a tray was constructed to sit over the top which housed three containers. All of this could be removed if required.

Cottage garden stalwarts such as Geranium, Alchemilla, Papaver and Roses were selected.
Deschampsia cespitosa offered a floaty and airy feel in contrast to the other foliage.
Plants were placed so that when they are settled in a dense coverage will be in place reducing the need for weeding.
Plants were selected for their feminine and romantic appearance