Luxury New Build in Woodham

A 6 Bedroom Family Home

An original 4 bedroom spacious detached family home situated on a private road was remodelled by a property developer to create a stunning 6 bedroom, 4 bathroom luxury family home. The new house was sited on a sizeable 1/3 of an acre plot and offered much seclusion to both front and back gardens, with the front encompassed by mature oak trees.

The style of the new house was very contemporary and dictated a design that used clean, defined lines to the rear of the property. A series of hedges were integrated into the design to create a layered approach to the planting that would offer some formality and structure throughout the year and aid to the sense of seclusion. A series of 3 trees were placed in the design for the rear garden to offer an avenue to walk past and a specimen Liquid amber was selected for the front, both offering seasonality and dynamics to the space.
The front garden whilst still retaining an air of formality needed to integrate into the street scene with many other properties being bordered by hedges. A spherical scheme was opted for enabling better access for vehicles to the garage and in and out driveways. Lighting was integrated into the design to depict the architectural planting and cast interesting shadows against the walls. The planting beds directly outside the house were created to mask some of the asymmetry to the building. The feature Liquid amber tree was placed to fulfil different solutions, namely to create a focal point to balance up the weight of the garage, to screen views into the property from a few overlooking windows and with the view that in time beautiful reflections would be created in expansive glazing in the entrance hall.
In time beautiful reflections would be created in expansive glazing in the entrance hall​