How to Garden Videos

We will be regularly creating and posting a number of videos on how to care for your garden from pruning shrubs, growing plants to sowing seeds. I'll also be taking you on a regular tour of my garden and showing you the beautiful plants I grow.
A tour of the Painted Fern Garden for the first virtual Horsell Garden Safari that would have taken place on 13th and 14th June
I show you how to take softwood cuttings from a Hydrangea and a Salvia. This technique can also be used for cuttings from Fuchsia, Lavender, Pelargonium, Sambuca and many other plants.
In this video I sow Intred lettuce seeds into recycled containers
Time lapse footage of Iris 'Kent Pride' opening
In this video I earth up first early potatoes
A tour of my woodland garden
Today I'm going to be sowing two varieties of sunflower
In this video I show you how to prune Cornus (dogwoods) which are grown for their colourful stems
In this video I show you how to plant first early potatoes in containers
In this video I show you how to plant up strawberry plants in a hanging basket
Introductory video